Rahul Gandhi and Arvind Kejriwal Meets the Family of Minor girl who Raped and Murdered in Delhi


Rahul Gandhi, Member of Lok Sabha, went to meet the family of the 9 year old girl rape victim. She was allegedly raped, murdered, and cremated without her parents’ consent in Delhi’s Old Nangal crematorium.

“I spoke with the family, they want justice and nothing else. They’re saying that justice is not being given to them and they should be helped. We will do that. I have said that I am standing with them. Rahul Gandhi is standing with them until they get justice,” news agency ANI quoted Rahul Gandhi saying. Rahul Gandhi is taking a stand them. Rahul Gandhi tweeted yesterday, with the relevance of this incident “the nation’s daughter – a pointed reference to accolades for India’s women Olympians, who have been widely referred to as “the country’s daughters”.

Arvind Kejriwal also met with the family. Yesterday he tweeted in Hindi that “The murder of a 9-year-old innocent in Delhi after the rape is very shameful. There is a need to improve law and order in Delhi. The culprits should be given capital punishment at the earliest. Going to meet the victim’s family tomorrow, will do everything possible to help the family in this fight for justice,” also said after meeting the family, “We’ll order a magisterial inquiry and appoint top lawyers so that culprits get strict punishment,”

The 9 years old girl was allegedly raped, murdered, and forcibly cremated in Nangal village. According to the Deputy Commissioner Police, the girl had stepped out of her house to get cold water from a water cooler at a crematorium near her home. Later, Radhey Shyam, a priest at the crematorium, and two-three people known to the victim’s mother called her to the crematorium and showed her the girl’s body. They told her that the girl was electrocuted while drinking water from the cooler. They convinced her mother not to make any PCR call. They brainwashed her mother that the police will make a case out of it and during post mortem the doctors will steal all organs of the girl. And with this story, they allegedly cremated her body to destroy every evidence.

This is one of worst  and painful rape cases the India have been seen. The family just want justice now nothing else. CM of Delhi and Officers assured them that they will  take the case seriously and give justice to the girl. Hope the procedure will be fine and won’t be corrupted.

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