Top 5 headphones to buy in 2021


Headphones are a vital object in day-to-day life nowadays. One cannot go out of his or her house without headphones. These are also called earphones. Headphones or earphones are mainly used to listen to music and attend calls in a shortcut manner when the phone is a bit out of reach. It is easily accessible.

There are several factors one must keep in mind while buying headphones. They are:

  • Comfort
  • Frequency
  • Type of driver
  • Sensitivity
  • Impedance
  • Noise cancellation
  • Connector type
  • Cable type
  • Surround sound
  • Purpose

Boult audio bassbuds loop in-ear wired headphones

Boult Audio Bassbud is the most underrated earphone in the market. It is one of the best earphones in India. It plays music in HD quality. The deep bass from the earphone improves the hearing of sounds that have a low frequency. The mic is good for the price. Therefore, the voice will be clear while making audio or video calls. The cable of the earphone is tangle free. This means that the lifetime of the headphone will be high. The conventional 3.5mm earphone jack connector is provided with this earphone. The connector is coated with a silver layer. This will help increase the durability of the earphone.

With a customizable ear loop, this earphone ensures one thing. It makes sure that one never gets the feeling that it will drop off. This earphone can be a good option if one is in for using it for a long time. It has the capability of perfectly balancing the sound frequencies. The high bass technology gives 360-degree stereo quality sound. The ergonomics is really fine in this product. It is the best earphone one can get in India. It appears in the top 5 headphones list because of its attractive and stylish look, high bass mode, sweatproof factor, customizable earloop, and inline mic.

Boult audio bassbuds loop in-ear wired headphones

Tessco CH-235 digital stereo in-ear wired metal universal earphones stereo bass noise canceling sport headsets with mic and volume control

Tessco is a rising brand in the earphone industry. It is built with high-performance speakers. These speakers provide a wider range of frequencies. The earbud is designed in such a way that the ear tip clears all the ambient noise. This means only one thing, that is, it gives true noise cancellation. The ear tip is built with the help of metallic material. The earbuds are super comfortable. Therefore, anyone who is using the earphone for a long time will face no discomfort.

The crystal-clear stereo experience gives him or her a great quality vocal sound. It comes under the brand called 3 idea Imagine create print. This is set to be one of the best earphones in 2021. The weight of the earphone is 30grams. Therefore, it is very comfortable to wear. It is best if one wants to travel long distances and plans long trips. One can have whatever he or she wants without any extra effort and at no extra cost. It appears in the top 5 headphones to buy in 2021 because of its metallic body, elegant finish, powerful bass, and noise cancellation feature.

Tessco CH-235 digital stereo in-ear wired metal universal earphones

MIFAUN infinity and beyond X10 in-ear headphones

If one is on the lookout for an earphone with a high-quality earphone driver the MIFAUN infinity and Beyond X10 will be the best choice for him or her. It has a 10mm magnetic driver which gives a response for very low frequency too. The built mic helps one to accept phone calls in a very short time. In fact, it helps accept calls in a second. The volume controls are used to increase and decrease the volume. While wearing the earphone it becomes normal from the tangled mode quickly. One can use the X10 variant on any android device. However, using it in an Apple iPhone is tricky. To use this earphone in any apple device we need an additional converter.

As this model is an in-ear design, it is best to wear these headphones while cycling or walking. The earbud is completely immersed into the ear while using it. Therefore, it provides an active noise cancellation. Inside of the packet or box of this product, one will get three ear cups of different sizes. So, anyone can choose this product. The earphone comes with ultra-lightweight material. It comes under the category of top 5 headphones to buy because of its built-in mic, volume control, premium look, tangle free cord, and active noise cancellation.

MIFAUN infinity and beyond X10 in-ear earphones

Realme buds 2 with mic for android smartphones (black)

Realme buds are one of the best-selling earphones in India. This is one of the leading manufacturers of mobile phones and mobile accessories. Even in the case of headphones, Realme provides this high-quality bass boosted earphone. The driver size is 11.2mm. Therefore, the frequency response will always be good. The speakers have multiple layers of the diaphragm. The in-line addons are a mic and three different controls. These controls are volume increase, volume decrease, and a call button. The cable is tangle free.

This earphone also has a cable organizer. It helps us to keep the earphones compact. The reinforced braided jacket is used in the cable. The silicone earbuds are provided with this product. They come in 6 different sizes. The buds are really easy to replace. To give a complete in-ear experience the earbud holder is slightly tapered. It is a universal earphone. So, one can use it on almost all the devices available in the market. To avoid confusion during wearing it, the earphone contains right and left indicators. 

Realme buds 2 with mic for android smartphones (black)

This product has a 3-button mic, tangle free design, cable organizer, built-in magnets, and magnetic tips. On top of that, it is available at a very affordable price. So, it comes under the category of top 5 headphones to buy in 2021 under 1000.

Boat bassheads 225 in-ear wired headphones

Boat bassheads 225 is the most selling earphone in the Indian market. It is very popular. The brand boat is well known for its premium quality earphones and headphones. This variant from the brand is a worth buying option because of its quality design. The cord length is more than that of the standard length. Instead of a round cable, it uses a flat cable that is completely tangle free. Therefore, it is easy to carry and use when one lacks the time to untangle it. The connector is an L-type connector. The durability of the earphones is good. This is because of a certain factor. The credit entirely goes to the build of it. It has a metallic body.

The product package contains the earphone. There are three sets of earbuds present along with it. It also contains a warranty card which guarantees that it will work properly for one year. If broken before that, it will be immediately repaired free of cost or replaced. The edge at the end of the cord is designed in such a way that it prevents the breakage of wire. The in-line mic helps us to make hands-free call attending features. The connector is made with high conducting gold material. It appears in the list of top 5 headphones to buy in 2021 under 1000 because of its metallic body, tangle-free cord, l-shaped connector, gold plated connector, and good finishing quality.

Boat bassheads 225 in-ear wired earphones

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