Treva Bug Fan Reviews: is Treva Bug Fan legit?

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Simply place your Treva Bug Fan anywhere indoors or outside and turn it on and let the soft fans work. As the fan’s blades turn they create an unattractive view for insects, thereby stopping them from entering your home.

Do this Treva Bug Fan work? What is the process by which it work? How does the Treva Bug Fan work? Continue reading to learn all you should be aware of this Treva Bug Fan and how it functions this day in our review.

How to Use the Treva Bug Fan

This Treva Bug Fan is designed to be secure, simple and efficient. This is how it operates:

Step 1.) Install the batteries in the Treva Bug Fan. The device requires 2 AAA batteries.

Step 2.) Install your Treva Bug Fan where you are hoping to repel insects.

Step 3.) Switch to Turn on the Treva Bug Fan to enjoy the bug-free environment. As the fan’s blades turn and create an insect-free zone with a 360-degree radius surrounding the fan which allows you to live free of bugs.

How Does the Treva Bug Fan Work?

It’s the Treva Bug Fan isn’t just the blade of a fan that spins around. It’s a specially made-blade that has refraction technology to discourage insects.

When it spins, the Treva Bug Fan spins around creating a gruesome appearance for insects. It’s not just physical pushing bugs away, but also creates wind, it also creates a illusion that makes bugs want to take flight.

The idea that lies behind Treva Bug Fan is called the Holographic Blade. The blades spin as they employ refraction-based technology in order to create a disgusting visual for insects. Bugs identify that unattractive sight with danger. Instead of spotting an easy dinner, they see an alert sign which warns them to fly away and to stay clear.

Blades on the Treva Bug Fan are soft and they stop when you put your hand against them. They aren’t harmful to people, but they can deter insects from your space in all directions.

The harmful sprays diminish as time passes as bugs slowly return. However, this isn’t the situation for this Treva Bug Fan, which remains active for throughout the time it is running. For instance, you can keep your Treva Bug Fan running while taking a picnic, without worrying about having to appl


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What is the Treva Bug Fan?

Treva Bug Fan Treva Bug Fan is an anti-bug fan exclusively available on the internet through

The price is $34.99 per fan as part the 2023 special discount offer The Treva Bug Fan makes it simple to enjoy bug-free meals with no chemicals or dangerous chemicals.

Its Treva Bug Fan works using the power of Refraction. Turn off the Treva Bug Fan and let the fans begin spinning to repel insects naturally.

When you watch the Treva Bug Fan blades spin and catch light, they reflect it in a particular manner, creating a fanciful illusion for pests and bugs. Instead of looking forward to a quick food source, bugs and insects see a disgusting image that could be a sign of danger which is why they avoid.

The holographic blades of the Treva Bug Fan are soft and silent. They don’t make a sound. Additionally, the device runs on two batteries, making it completely portable. When you’re relaxing in the indoors or outdoors on an outdoor picnic, you’ll be able to be bug-free wherever you travel.

Treva Bug Fan Treva Bug Fan is made by Treva, a Chicago-based consumer product manufacturer that was established in 1992. The company provides a variety of humidifiers, fan models and other air-moving cooling solutions.

Treva Bug Fan Benefits

Treva Bug Fan is a unique product. Treva Bug Fan is unique in comparison to other solutions for pest repellents that offer benefits such as:

Soft, light-weight crystal blades that resemble holographic ones that repel insects without harming human beings

Non-toxic devices that do not contain harmful chemicals


Absolutely portable and usable wherever there is electricity

Perfect for backyard grills, barbecues and dining, camping, patios and more

Use with caution around pets and loved ones

Grab a the Treva Bug Fan and experience its advantages now!

Treva Bug Fan Features

Treva Bug Fan Treva Bug Fan aims to be the most natural pest-repellent solution.

Certain of the attributes that differentiate the Treva Bug Fan from other insect-control solutions that are available today include the following:

The holographic blades can deter bugs without affecting Humans It is possible to operate a regular fan to keep bugs out. But, normal fans don’t feature high-quality holographic blades. It’s the Treva Bug. Treva Bug Fan has holographic blades that move around and naturally repel bugs, without human beings in any way.

Refraction-Based Repellant Technology The secret to this Treva Bug Fan is the use of holographic blades which make use of refraction-based technology to create a disgusting image for bug. When they spin, the blades create an illusion, which deter insects from flying over the area. Instead of spotting an easy food source, bugs perceive danger and are able to stay away.

360-Degree Coverage: Treva Bug Fan spins 360 degrees and covers a wide area, allowing it to keep bugs away throughout the entire range.

Absolutely safe, soft Blades that stop on contact If you want to put your hand inside the Treva Bug Fan without damage. Blades feel soft and comfortable to contact, and the device ceases to function on contact. If you were to try not to harm yourself by using those Treva Bug Fan blades. It’s specially designed to be safe in the presence of pets and children.

100% Portable and No Cords It is possible to use the Treva Bug Fan without cords; the device is completely portable. Just plug batteries into the device and utilize it wherever you want to repel insects. You can take it to camping, take it without electricity or use it in your backyard in the absence of an electric source in the vicinity.

Uses 2 x AA Batteries Each Treva Bug Fan is powered by 2 AAA batteries. It is not necessary to charge or plug in the fan into an outlet.

Whisper Quiet Whisper Quiet Treva Bug Fan is designed to operate quietly, preventing insects without disrupting your conversation during dinner. Since the blades are softer they can move through the air making little or any sound.

Rewarded by 325,000+ Satisfied customers The Treva Bug Fan is one of the most well-known natural solutions for repelling pests. It is backed by 325,000+ satisfied customers who live free of bugs thanks to the Treva Bug Fan.

Find out what other people are saying regarding Treva Bug Fan

Modern, aesthetic design Modern, Aesthetic Design Treva Bug Fan was specifically made to appear modern and elegant. Instead of placing a weird-looking contraption on your dinner table, you can place an aesthetically-pleasing device anywhere to keep away bugs. Restaurants often use Treva Bug Fans and similar devices. Treva Bug Fan and similar devices to keep bugs away.

90-Day Moneyback Warranty 90-Day Moneyback Guarantee: You can ask for an entire refund of any Treva Bug Fan purchase within 90 days, with no questions asked. If you are unhappy with Treva Bug Fan in any way or if the fan didn’t work for you, you may ask for an entire refund. The fan has to be unopened as well as in original state to be eligible for a refund and you have to pay for the return shipping.

1-Year Warranty 1 Year Warranty: If you’re Treva Bug Fan ceases to function in any way within one year from the date of purchase Contact the manufacturer for a replacement item.

100% safe for pets and Children: A lot of pesticides and insecticides can be dangerous to humans. Some are particularly harmful for children and pets. Because the Treva Bug Fan works without toxins or chemicals, the product is safe for pets as well as children. The blades are soft and stop when they come into contact with any object, thus preventing any kind of injury from taking place.

Cost-effective solution Treva can be purchased at just $13 per fan, which makes it an affordable solution for your bug issue. Instead of purchasing new cans of insecticide every couple of weeks, and instead of treating your yard frequently for insects it is possible to enjoy an easy, safe and affordable solution to your bug problem.

A Mission Driven Company: Treva Bug Fan was started by a father and a family man who had the goal of ensuring that everyone enjoys an uninfested outdoor experience. The father was fed up of family meals being interrupted by bugs, however he was not keen on using harmful sprays, so the man drew on his experience with product development to develop Treva Bug Fan. Treva Bug Fan.

Purchase the Treva Bug Fan during its sale time – Only for a limited time!

The Dangers of Bug Sprays

Utilizing bug sprays and other toxic chemicals You can keep bugs off your outdoor picnic. They may work temporarily however, they can affect the health.

Here are a few reasons to stay clear of insect sprays and other toxic sprays, as per Treva:

Most common bug sprays use DEET, or N, N-diethyl-meta-toluamide, a chemical linked to severe health effects.

DEET has been linked to respiratory issues, and seizures in some people.

Natural bug sprays and DEET-free options can create particles in the air around you, thereby increasing the likelihood of breathing problems.

As per the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) The EPA advises against applying repellents to your eyes, or mouth. You must apply them on exposed skin or clothing. If you do apply repellants on food items, for instance during a picnic, the contact of your mouth might be necessary.

Treva Bug Fan Treva Bug Fan works differently and provides a 100% chemical-free solution to your insect issue.

Treva Bug Fan Reviews: What Do Customers Say?

Treva Bug Fan is backed by a solid online review from those who have tried the fan to ward off bugs of all kinds. In reality, with 325,000+ satisfied customers so far The Treva Bug Fan is one of the most highly-rated and best-selling bug fans.

Here are some reviews posted by verified purchasers on the internet:

One buyer found it Treva Bug Fan was “great to deter flies” and she claims to use the fan in her yard to prevent them away from her grill while cooking.

It is a popular item. Treva Bug Fan makes a popular gift, particularly for those who spend much time in their backyards or out in the open.

Restaurant owners have bought their own Treva Bug Fan to keep insects out. The device operates silently and is safe to repel insects without saturating customers with harmful chemicals. It is a safe and non-toxic device. Treva Bug Fan could be perfect for outdoor restaurants and patios, for those who want an organic solution to bugs that do not alter the ambience or the smell.

It is a Treva Bug Fan is popular for anyone who loves to enjoy eating outdoors without having to worry about bugs. It is as easy as placing your Treva Bug Fan on a table, switch it on, then take it off to eliminate any bugs naturally.

It is also popular with campers. Treva Bug Fan is also well-liked by campers. Since the device operates using battery power (not electricity) it is possible to utilize it even when you are far from power. If you’re looking to discourage bugs from your dining table or keep insects from your tent or make your camping more enjoyable and comfortable, then Treva Bug Fan Treva Bug Fan will help.

Another client said that the plastic blade’s light shape as “ingenious” because of the ability they have to repel bugs and not hurt humans.

A lot of customers are impressed by the style of Treva Bug Fan, claiming they are modern enough to fit in with any décor but are also effective as pest repellents.

Treva is among the most sought-after pest-repellant products on Amazon that has accumulated thousands of favorable reviews on the site. In the end, users have given Treva 4.4 five stars out of five with over 2,000 reviews, with the majority of customers find the device performs exactly as it claims to repel pests, without the use of toxic or harmful chemicals.

Treva reviewers have rated this product a mean rating from 4.5 5 stars from 5 based on more than 30 reviews, with the exception of one person who said it works as advertised to repel bugs.

People Magazine chose Treva as their 2022 “Worth the Hype” winner The magazine described Treva as “a picnic game changer that is sold out.”

Most users are pleased by the Treva Bug Fan and how it works. They are amazed that it works exactly as it claims to keep bugs away free of toxic chemicals or harmful substances.

Do not purchase Treva Bug Fan without reading the reviews

Treva Bug Fan Pricing

Its Treva Bug Fan is priced at $34.99 per fan. The purchase of three or more pairs of fans will save more money.

Treva Bug Fan Pricing

Here’s how the pricing works when placing an order for sets of the Treva Bug Fan online today:

  • 1 x Pair of Fans: $34.99 ($17.49 Per Fan) + Shipping
  • 2 x Pairs of Fans (Buy 1, Get 1 50% Off): $59.98 ($14.99 Per Fan) + Free US Shipping
  • 3 x Pairs of Fans (Buy 2, Get 1 Free): $79.98 ($13.33 Per Fan) + Free US Shipping

Buy now and purchase the Treva Bug Fans at the lowest price!

Each pair includes two full-sized Treva Bug Fans. They can be used in a variety of places around your house, or pair them to secure an outdoor space or table.

Treva Bug Fan Refund Policy

Treva Bug Fan comes with a 90-day return policy. The manufacturer explains its Treva Bug Fan refund policy:

“If you are not completely happy with Treva You can simply return it for a refund without hassle.”

The fan you purchase must be in a new, and unworn condition in order to qualify for a reimbursement. Also, you are responsible for the cost of return shipping costs.

Returns Address: Treva Returns, 451 Trumpet Park Dr, Unit B, Zion, IL 60099

About the Treva Bug Fan

The Treva Bug Fan was invented by a person named Jonathan who was fed up of being stung by bugs when he was on holiday together with family. Family dinners with the family were interrupted constantly by bugs, and Jonathan was not keen on using toxic chemicals in the home of his family.

Utilizing his expertise in design of products, Jonathan created a natural insect repellent that was safe as well as simple and efficient. Treva Bug Fan Treva Bug Fan was born following multiple tests in real-world environments.

The official website states that Jonathan along with his crew have sold a number of millions of Treva Bug Fans so far which makes it one of the most sought-after natural insect repellents.

Final Word

Treva Bug Fan Treva Bug Fan is an unique bug repellent system that makes use of the use of holographic blades to keep bugs from entering.

The blades that spin on the Treva Bug Fan spin create an image that appears at a gruesome sight to pests and bugs. They sense danger – not a good food source – and they avoid.

It’s available for purchase on the Treva Bug Fan is exclusively available online at The price is at just $13.33 per unit.

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