Safety Warning: Steer Clear of This Scam

Subhan N is an online scam retailer that should stay clear of at all cost. This fraudulent website promises to offer a variety of products for sale at low costs however, it will or send you fake or substandard products or even nothing whatsoever.

This article will expose the way in which the scam works, red flags to watch for, and of course how to guard yourself from being scammed by this fraudulent website as well as other scams similar to it. Overview

  • What is the method by which work the fraud work?
  • Red Flags at
  • How to spot and avoid Scam Online Shopping Websites like
  • What do you do if have been a victim of scammers like scam?
  • – The Bottom Line Overview

Surprisingly, appears to be an authentic marketplace online that offers diverse discounted goods to consumers with prices that are significantly less than those of major retailers.

In reality, in reality, is a fraudulent scam site which employs in fraudulent tactics to entice customers into placing an order and transferring their cash or sensitive personal data.

The site claims to deliver high-quality name brand merchandise to consumers. However, those who place orders through will receive either:

None at all – The most frequently occurring result. Orders do not get fulfilled, and they simply disappear once the payments are completed.

Knock-off or subpar substitutes The victims may get cheap imitations created using inferior materials, which don’t match the original descriptions of the product.

Damaged, used or altered goods Sometimes victims have reported receiving items that are clearly damaged, used or damaged in any way which indicates that no new items are being delivered.

Incompletely incorrect items Sometimes, orders arrive with items that are completely different from the item that was ordered, which shows no precision of the order.

On top of selling sham items or no products even, also unscrupulously collects customers’ financial and personal information at the time of checkout, including complete names, home addresses, phone numbers, credit card information, and so on.

The information is likely to be sold or used to profiteering purposes such as identity theft, fraud with credit cards or sharing on dark internet marketplaces. displays all the usual warning signs of a fraudster who customers should beware of at all times.


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What exactly is this scam known as fraud work? utilizes a variety of deceitful strategies to trick bargain hunters into purchasing bogus or counterfeit products.

Promoted Through Phishing Emails & Social Media Ads

The scammers actively advertise through channels such as

Phishing emails that contain links to scam sites

False advertisements appear on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok depicting it as authentic

Fraudulent news or review articles praising deals

These methods aim to alter results of searches and draw users to the website.

If a victim of fraud is unable to contact to request refunds or make a complaint about fraud. The options are:

Ignored completely

Rejected with blocked accounts or email addresses

The shady practices enable the fraud to continue, without ensuring accountability for customer service.


Red Flags at shows a variety of suspicious indicators that indicate it is an untrue website that is disguised to be a genuine online store. Beware of scammers. should be aware of these red alerts:

Anonymous Company

This site is not transparent regarding who is the owner or operator of the company. Opaque websites should not be relied upon for the purchase of data or purchases.

Unrealistic Discounts

Extreme discounts are utilized to attract buyers. However, legitimate businesses cannot afford this kind of soaring markdown, which could signal the presence of counterfeit products.

No Social Media Presence

The authentic brands manage social media accounts to encourage customer interaction.’s absence of any accounts is very unusual and a sign of suspicion.

In light of the red indicators Based on the red flags above, We can conclusively say it is likely that is a scam website that should be avoided by customers who shop online. It is not clear if there is no evidence to support the claim that is a genuine or dependable website that provides high-quality products or services to its customers.

So, we recommend not to purchase anything at or other similar websites which display the similar red warnings. You will be at risk of losing your money and details to fraudsters who are not concerned about your security or satisfaction.

How to Avoid and Spot Scam Online Shopping Websites like

Although scam sites are sophisticated but there are many red signals to be aware of when you shop on the internet:

Verify contact details – Legitimate sites offer working customer service number, email address physical addresses, and emails. Scams provide fake numbers.

Check for the lock icon. Secure websites use HTTPS connections as well as SSL certificates to secure the data. Sites that are not HTTPS are dangerous.

Find hidden charges – Scams promise low prices, only to disclose additional costs at the time of checkout.

Review payment methods. Unsecure options such as gift cards, wire transfers and cryptocurrency are red warning signs. Credit cards offer greater protection.

Examine the product photos Check the photos of the product Scams are able to steal photos from other websites or make use of computer-generated images. Find reverse image searches for any that appear to be off.

Examine social media sites – Study the presence on social media of the site. Scams usually have very little activity, and have a small number of followers.

Review online reviews – Look up the name of the website plus “scam” or “review” to locate complaints from customers indicating problems. Beware of reviews that are fake.

Verify domain registration Scam sites frequently register domain names. Utilize WhoIs’ domain tools to find out about a site’s registration and transparency.

Look at the product carefully – Highly priced luxury items that are difficult to locate are red warning signs.

By being vigilant, shoppers can detect fraudulent websites and safeguard their personal and financial information. Be sure to trust your gut – if the offer seems too appealing to be true and it is, then it most likely is. Make sure to stick with well-known stores or sites that have overwhelmingly favorable reviews.

What should you do if are a victim of scammers like scam?

If you’ve been a victim of this fraud If you have been a victim of this scam, you should immediately take action to safeguard yourself and your funds. Here are the steps you can follow:

Contact your bank immediately. Inform your bank of disputes and think about cancelling your account to stop fraud.

Keep records. Keep receipts, emails, screenshots, as well as any other information associated with the transaction. This is evidence of the fraud.

Filing a complaint – report any frauds to FTC as well as the Internet Crime Complaint Center. Include any relevant documents.

Review online – Share the details of the fraud on review sites for consumers to alert others. However, don’t defame legitimate businesses.

Report social media account If the scam was involving social media, then report the accounts in order to have them taken down.

Paybacks reversible if you paid using a credit card, you can request the chargeback. If you have wire transfers, call the bank of the recipient to reverse the transfer.

Examine credit reports Request credit reports to look for accounts that were which were opened fraudulently using your details. You may want to consider placing a freeze on your credit should you need to.

Reset account passwords and change passwords on all accounts online that use similar login credentials as used on the fake website.

Verify your devices for virus. Use a Malwarebytes Antimalware Free scan to find the presence of malware which may have been infected via the website.

Learn from the incident Find out how you were deceived, so you can be aware of other frauds in the future.

Beware of shopping scams and stepping up quickly when you are scammed can reduce the financial and identity theft damage. Contact authorities to assist them to investigate scam websites and shut them down that are active. – The Bottom Line

The plethora of red warnings clears the fact that is an untrustworthy scam site that customers should stay clear of. shows all the indications of an insecure e-commerce platform:

Fake contact details

  • Product listings copied from other sources
  • There is no social media presence
  • Discounts that are not real
  • Customer reviews that are negative

Don’t waste cash or time shopping on It is likely that you will likely be left with your personal information compromised and fraudulent charges, or no products whatsoever. Be sure to purchase from trustworthy online stores to avoid fraud. FAQ

What are the indicators is an enigma?

Some red flags are no contact information price too attractive to be real, or duplicated product information.

Is it safe to buy on

No. is an unsafe website that displays a number of fraud-related features. They are likely to sell fake items or offer nothing even.

How should I take care of if I’ve made an order through

Contact your bank or your credit card firm to inform them about any fraudulent charges and request new cards to be issued. Check your accounts for any indication of the misuse of stolen financial information.

How can I stay clear of frauds when shopping online?

Explore unfamiliar websites thoroughly. Review reviews, verify the contact information, verify SSL security, compare prices of items, look at images and confirm that the domains are authentic.

What are the warning signs of a scammed online retailer?

Some red flags include huge discounts or the launch of new domains and private registrations photos that are not stock photos absence of reviews and policies that are not in place, grammatical errors, as well as requests for personal information that is not needed.

Be alert and do your research before giving payment details to online shopping websites. Don’t fall victim to frauds that can be prevented online.

If you’ve bought something on We would like to learn about your experiences! Write a note below about whether you received the products as promised or had any issues with the website. Your comments will assist others in educating them about the risks this business presents.

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