Tribal man assaulted in Neemuch, Madhya Pradesh


A tribal man was beaten in Neemuch, Madhya Pradesh on Thursday, 26th August. He was beaten because the people suspected him of intentionally causing an accident.

Where is Neemuch?

Neemuch or Nimuch is a town situated in the Malwa region of the Indian State of Madhya Pradesh. It is situated on the top northwestern part of Madhya Pradesh. This city is referred to as the city of nature and peace. This town is the administrative headquarters of the Neemuch district. It shares its northwestern borders with the state of Rajasthan.

Neemuch was a large British cantonment of Gwalior princely state a long time ago. In 1822, this town became the headquarters of the combined Rajputana-Malwa political agency. After that, it was the headquarters of the solo Malwa Agency in 1895. In 1932, the British disbanded its Cantonment. Later, a British Municipal board maintained it.

What is the history of Neemuch?

This territory was given to Rana in 1768 to pay off debts of the King Rana of Mewar. After that, it became a British cantonment of the Gwalior princely state. It was also the center of disturbances in Malwa. After it became free from the hands of the British, Neemuch climbed the stairs of Progress and success.

In 1857, Neemuch was the most southerly place till which the rebellion extended. A brigade of Bengal troops was stationed here. Then they marched to Delhi. European officers took refuge in the fort. Later a rebel force from Mandasor besieged them. Europeans defended the city until the Malwa field force relieved them. Neemuch was also the station of the 26th and 48th field artillery batteries in India for the British.

What happened in Neemuch on Friday?

In Neemuch, on Saturday, a piece of news came to light that shocked the entire nation. Eight local people of Neemuch badly beat up a 40-year-old tribal. But they did not stop there. These people tied him to the rear end of a vehicle with a rope. They even allowed the vehicle to drag him for some distance. The tribal’s name was Kanhaiyalal Bheel. He died during his treatment at the Neemuch district hospital on Friday.

The actual event which took place in Neemuch

When Gurjar collided with Kanhaiyalal, his milk spilled on the road due to the accident. After this, Gurjar lost his cool and beat up Bheel. Gurjar then called up his friends. Together they beat up the poor tribal and then tied him to a vehicle passing by with a rope. They even let the vehicle drag Bheel up to some distance. When they saw that Bheel’s condition was critical, they fled the scene.

What did the police say?

The Superintendent of Police Suraj Kumar Verma said, “Chittar Mal Gurjar, a milkman, was riding a motorcycle which knocked down the victim Kanhaiyalal Bheel of the Banda village when he was standing on the Neemuch-Singoli road, some 84 km from the Neemuch headquarter.”

He even added, “After a video of the incident became viral, the police swung into action but by then, the accused had fled. The victim was rushed to the district hospital where he died on Friday.”

People charged all the eight accused people with sections 302 (Punishment for Murder) and other sections of the Indian Penal Code and the SC/ST (Prevention of atrocities) Act. Among the eight of them, the police identified and arrested five people. They are- Mahendra Gurjar and Gopal Gurjar (both 40), Chhitarmal Gurjar (32), Lokesh Balai (21), and Laxman Gurjar.

The police seized even the vehicles, that is, the motorcycle and four-wheelers which includes a pick-up vehicle. The police took into custody even a nylon rope used in the crime.

What did Kamal Nath tweet about the incident?

Madhya Pradesh president Kamal Nath tweeted that that incident was “inhuman”. He said that this proves the level of lawlessness which prevailed in Madhya Pradesh. The president added that the state government should take necessary actions in order to check such incidents. He himself demanded strict action against the accused.

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