Varun Grover talks about Ravish Kumar receiving abuses


Varun Grover is a 41-year-old stand-up comedian. He is one among those who drop the truth bombshells without any fear. He makes people laugh while offering a unique take on things we all have experienced. But with the pandemic going on, he has had less time and mind-space for comedy. There has also not been any easy way to perform it. But still, he continued his show because he knew that people need to relieve themselves of their worries.

This comedian is based in Mumbai. But he is not just a comedian, he wears many hats. He is a screenwriter for films like Masaan and Sacred Games. This person is also a national award-winning lyricist who has worked on Gangs of Wasseypur, Dum Laga Ke Haisha, and Udta Punjab. He is even a short story writer. So, we get the hunch that he plays many roles. Along with these, he is one-third of the political satire show Aisi Taisi Democracy with Rahul Ram and Sanjay Rajoura.

Someone said, “It is difficult to say what will emerge from this time but one great example is Bo Burnham’s Inside on Netflix. He wrote and shot the 90-minute show alone in his house, and comments on a range of issues we have all faced during this time. So I believe comedy will bring new perspectives on how to deal with tragedy and lockdowns.”

This comedian has always brought out the truth of any matter in front of others in the form of comedy. Although he says he is ashamed of it, he assures that in the coming future, he will never joke about people with less social privilege than him in terms of caste, gender, or class.

This person hopes to give his audience a new insight into a matter. He tries to fracture their prejudice and give them a shot of better general knowledge. His audience is himself. If he finds it funny, he knows that the people in front of him he will speak will find it funny too.

Recently a famous personality from NDTV, Ravish Kumar has been receiving a lot of abuse. The reason is that Ravish Kumar had said something or tweeted something about NDTV being removed from popular channel packs by Hathway Cables. He has received a lot of criticism. The stand-up comedian Varun Grover has put this topic up into the limelight. He said that if people are doubting something, there must be at least a bit of truth in it. And the day you realize it will be the day that you suddenly remember that somebody had said it previously. You will deem that person right.

Ravish Kumar has been misunderstood a lot of times. This time he received abuses that were nothing new. It keeps happening with him according to Varun Grover. Varun narrated the entire incident. He said that someone leaked his WhatsApp number online and encouraged the general public to insult him in ways impossible to think. People hurled a lot of abuses and offensive texts towards him via this number. He did not know what to do. He kept his phone on mute or something until people this topic became exhausing.

After a month, a message came to him regarding a job in the Indian Railways. This person faced a lot of hurdles while getting this job and asked for his help. When Ravish scrolled upwards he found out that the previous month, this person had abused him using offensive language. So, he called that person.

On being asked that why he should be helped after his disgusting behavior the previous month, he said something that was shocking. He said that was old news and asked Ravish to forget about it. The guy had actually realized that he needed help and that Ravish was the only person that could help him since he was the only one talking about jobs and their exams not being held. He figured out that Ravish was speaking the truth which he did not believe a month ago. But now he believed him because the points raised by Ravish matched his own. Ravish had been speaking the truth the entire time and people understood it later. That was what Varun was trying to explain.

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