When will Harassment leave the golden Boy: Neeraj Chopra?

Rajasree Roy

Neeraj Chopra, the man who has won the hearts of Indians with his historic win. He became the second-ever Indian to bag an individual gold in the athletes in Tokyo Olympics 2020. But he has been left embarrassed several times, by many interviewers, fans, and many people. 

On 8th August, Neeraj Chopra won a gold medal in  men’s Javelin throwing category. He made the record with his 87.58 m Javelin throw to get gold in athletes for India. 

At that time people just flooded him with good wishes, flowers, celebrations. People went wild to have the golden boy. At the airport, many people (fans) wanted to hug and get selfies with him. 

Neeraj Chopra and Twitter

But just after that people turned back to him because he is an RSS supporter. His 87.58 m Javelin throw history got pale here. On Twitter people literally spread hatred towards him. It became a toxic environment. Those people literally used Sanghi like it’s a F word. Someone tweeted, “well we enjoyed those 17 mins of not knowing he’s Sanghi. Goodbye and good luck to him.”

Neeraj Chopra and Outrage of Twitter

After two weeks and more than that this hatred settles down normal. And Neeraj Chopra started posting updates on social media and scheduled to give interviews. He posted once saying that not to use his name to make dirty situations and propaganda. That also made an issue. 

Neeraj Chopra and Interviews

With those embarrassments and controversial moments, Neeraj Chopra started to give interviews. Here is the first embarrassing moment: Navika Kumar asked a groundbreaking question to him. She asked about his relationship status. She asked, “do you have any girlfriend?”. Neeraj got embarrassed at that moment. He replied,” I want to focus on my game right now.” For a sportsperson, we can ask about his journey, his family maximum. Journalists here got the feeling that he is not comfortable with these things. 

After that RJ Maliksha (Maliksha Mendosa) danced for him in the middle of the Interview. She and her colleagues danced for him on a retro song, ude jab jab zulfe teri. It was a zoom call interview. She eventually asked for a hug as Jaadu ki Jhappi. Here again he goy uncomfortable and said “apko door se hi namaste”. For this incident, RJ Maliksha got under trolls and hatred in Social media. Netizens called her this activity unprofessional and cringe. 

After RJ Malishka’s dance and Jaadu ki jhappi, a great question the Olympian was asked from a reputable interviewer again.

Latest controversial interview with Rajeev Sethi

Rajeev Sethi asked about his sex life; “How do you maintain a balance between your sex life and athletic training?” He added a smile and said again that it’s a weird question but a serious question. Neeraj Chopra felt uncomfortable and replied, “sorry sir.” 

Neeraj Chopra is now popular as achha bachha and serif bachha etc. for these behaviors. But he is constantly facing all these harassments. Yes, it is harassment. Where he is a sportsperson, he is been asking about his private life and all. Our question is when will harassments will leave him?

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