Water bill of Rs. 6 crores sent to Rajesh Arora of Delhi


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A man in Delhi has been sent a water bill of Rs. 6 crores by the Delhi Jal Board. The number on the billing area was 60692522. It is written 6 crores 6 lakh 92 thousand 522 rupees. This came as a shock to the particular person who received it. It shocked him even more because the bill said that it was the amount for using the water service for just 36 days.

The person with whom this incident happened lives in Subhash Nagar, Delhi. His name is Rajesh Arora. It was not his own house. He had bought the house from a person named Jagjit Singh. Rajesh has not yet transferred the water and electricity bill to his name. The bills still come in the name of Jagjit Singh.

Rajesh Arora is a law-abiding citizen. He always paid his water bills and electricity bills on time. Till the past month, he paid the water bill of 1500 to 2000 rupees. But on August 2021, when the water bill arrived at his doorstep, his senses were blown away.

The image of the bill

When asked about his family, Rajesh said that his family consists of his parents, his wife, and two children. According to him, the value of the house itself would not be more than 50 lakhs. He came from a middle-class family. So, in such a situation, when the bill came to him, he and his whole family were shell shocked.

When an online site called The Lallantop got the pdf file of this humongous bill, they straight away contacted the customer. Rajesh told them, “Till date, my water bill has not come more than 1500-2000. I was shocked to see the bill of crores. This is one month’s bill. I have complained but till now there is no response from the Delhi Jal Board.”

After The Lallantop heard this, they spoke to Section Engineer Dalbir Singh regarding this matter of Mr. Arora. They told, “If 6 crores bills came, there must have been some error. If you send a bill on WhatsApp, then get it fixed. Or he himself should go to the office of Delhi Jal Board. If it is not there then tell me I will get it fixed. There is nothing to worry about.

Recently, the Delhi government had mentioned that the system to resolve all complaints regarding water supply will be strengthened. It said that the Delhi Jal Board would solve all complaints from water shortage to contaminated water and all other problems within 48 hours. Delhi Jal Board Chairman and water Minister Satyendar Jain had a meeting regarding this with senior officials of the Jal Board.

Jain had instructed the officers to develop a robust grievance redressal mechanism. If this mechanism was put into effect, any complaints of the people would be solved within 48 hours. He directed the officers to work tirelessly to reach clean water to the people of Delhi. According to him, the main responsibility of the officers was to be alert and responsive to the issues and grievances of the people. So, Rajesh Arora also hopes that his issue will get resolved soon.

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