Ways to get galaxy messenger set in BGMI


Battlegrounds Mobile India has crossed 50 million downloads. Krafton had organized an event that said that each of the players would be given a permanent outfit once BGMI had crossed 50 million downloads. Since this has happened in India, players would be able to get the Galaxy Messenger Set in BGMI free of cost.

In the early phase of this month, Krafton released this event of ‘50 million downloads rewards event’. According to it, all the players would get different rewards at certain times as BGMI crosses the required milestones. It highly encouraged the players to play the game themselves as well as invite their friends to download the game. Then they were to participate in the game to get exciting rewards.

Krafton claimed that the BGMI officials were preparing themselves to give away the rewards irrespective of their OS devices. However, only Android phone users were eligible for the rewards which included the Galaxy Messenger Set. This is because the BGMI had not yet released it for iOS devices.

People say that the Battlegrounds Mobile India is an exact replica of PUBG mobile. There the players who had pre-registered for the 1.5 updates of PUBG Mobile or the Mission Ignition received the Galaxy Messenger Set. This outfit was the first outfit under the PDP project of Krafton. As people appreciated the product very much, Krafton decided that the BGMI players must also get this product.

However, the rules of receiving this award were different for the BGMI players. They did not have to do anything. Instead, when the game had 50 million or more downloads, players would automatically be eligible to get the outfit.

Now players can claim the permanent Galaxy Messenger Set in BGMI free of cost.  To do so, one needs to open Battle Grounds Mobile India and move over to the event section. Then the recommended option would appear. They were to click on it. Finally, they need to click on the 50M Final phase among the various other events that are going on to claim the Galaxy Messenger Set in BGMI.

Speaking of recent times, there were players who still have not collected the previous phases’ rewards like Supply and Classic Crate coupon scratch. They were to collect them as soon as they can because the rewards will be available just for a month. As for the iOS devices, Krafton claimed, “We are preparing all the Indian players to receive rewards regardless of their OS.” Krafton has announced the first official eSports tournament of BGMI- BGMI India Series 2021. At first, the people could register until 1st August 2021. After that, they extended the date and said that they would announce the closing date soon. According to the latest notice Krafton issued on the official site of BGMI, this new series has already crossed more than 5,40,000 registrations. They will release the stream schedule shortly after they close the registrations

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