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Facebook has rolled out a ‘Year Together’ card feature on the company’s Android and iOS apps. This allows users to share the highlights and top moments of the year gone by.

The company, which was recently rebranded to Meta, has launched a similar feature on Instagram. It will allow users to share their top ten stories of the year.

Users will be able to see friends, photos, locations, and other experiences they shared on the platform as part of the Year Together card. Facebook already began rolling out this particular feature, which people can use until the end of the year.

The Year Together feature will suggest posts and content shared by a user. People can compile and share it as a post, as the site TechCrunch spotted.

However, users are not limited to the posts suggested by Facebook. Along with that, they can remove and select other images or content instead.

This can come in handy, in case users do not want to relive specific memories from the past year. Once shared, the post (or the card) will be visible to a user’s friend list or to select users. This will happen only if they have set up custom privacy settings for posts.

Meta’s push to get users to recap and relive the best moments of their year does not limit it to the Facebook app, though. The company also rolled out a similar feature for Instagram users called 2021 Playback. This shows a user a list of their top stories for the year.

People all over the world can compile and share them with their followers on the image and video sharing service. Like the Year Together card on Facebook, this feature allows users to mix and match older stories from 2021 in their own Story archive.

Facebook and Instagram are not the first apps to launch these year-in-review features in 2021. This feature is common among apps that the operators designed to elicit social engagement.

Along with them, the popular streaming service Spotify also offers a similar feature called Spotify Wrapped every year. The streaming service announced the 2021 version of Spotify Wrapped on December 1st.

It offers users the ability to see statistics like the artists they listened to the most, the top songs they played, and how much time they spent listening to music.

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