World Rabies Day

All you need to know about World Rabies Day


What is World Rabies Day? World Rabies Day is an international awareness campaign which the Global Alliance for Rabies Control ...

Fat loss v/s weight loss

Is fat loss and weight loss from the body the same?


Most people get confused between the term fat loss and weight loss. According to many people, these two terms mean ...

27 deaths on Monday due to Covid in Maharashtra

27 deaths due to Covid on Monday, reports Maharashtra


On Monday, 13th September, Maharashtra added 2740 new Covid-19 cases. It is the lowest single-day cases in over seven months ...

plasma therapy useful for covid cases?

Plasma therapy for Covid may cause adverse effects


Doctors were to use plasma therapy only on those who had moderate disease, preferably within seven days of symptom onset. ...

 Visceral fat is a type of body that is stored within the abdominal cavity. It’s usually located near several vital organs like the Liver, Stomach, Arteries, etc. 

Visceral Fat: Healthy or not?

Rajasree Roy

Doctors say it is healthy to have some fat in the belly also have some body fat. But all fats ...

443 deaths recorded in Mizoram due to AIDS


A recent report has shown that in 2020, there were 443 deaths in Mizoram due to AIDS. The cause is ...

World Coconut Day: Everything you need to know!

World Coconut Day: Everything you need to know!

Rajasree Roy

World Coconut Day is observed on September 2 every year. Coconut is that element, which just flourishes every cooking dish. ...

Follow the Cleveland Clinic formula to stay fit in the 70s and beyond


When someone ages, the body undergoes several changes. It is no more as agile as it was when the body ...

National Nutrition Week

National Nutrition Week: All You Should Know About

Rajasree Roy

National Nutrition Week is celebrated in the first week of September. This campaign is to aware people of good nutrition ...

Covid vaccine and politics

Covid Vaccination and Politics: the saga continues

Rajasree Roy

From January 2021 Covid vaccination drive started in India for people above 60. Then onwards Covid vaccination and politics are ...

Impact of Worki From Home on Work and Life 

Impact of Work From Home on Work and Life 

Rajasree Roy

Work from home is now a new term for millennials. India’s Business, start-up companies, E-commerce is growing beautifully since 2015. ...

covid third wave

Third Wave of Covid Surge Likely to Hit in October


As per the Mathematical model found by analysts at IIT Kanpur and IIT Hyderabad, the third wave in India could ...

Overnight Weight Gain zero thought

Overnight Weight Gain: Reasons Why You Are A Kilo Up The Next Morning


Overnight Weight Gain: Reasons Why You Are A Kilo Up The Next Morning Have you at any point woken up ...