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Plasma therapy for Covid may cause adverse effects

Doctors were to use plasma therapy only on those who had moderate disease, preferably within seven days of symptom onset. The doctors were to take the plasma from a plasma donor with a high concentration of antibodies. Even though doctors were doubtful, they still continued to use antibody-rich plasma from recovered Covid-19 patients. They used

Visceral Fat: Healthy or not?

Doctors say it is healthy to have some fat in the belly also have some body fat. But all fats are not equal obviously. Visceral fat is a type of body that is stored within the abdominal cavity. It’s usually located near several vital organs like the Liver, Stomach, Arteries, etc.  This visceral fat is sometimes

443 deaths recorded in Mizoram due to AIDS

A recent report has shown that in 2020, there were 443 deaths in Mizoram due to AIDS. The cause is most probably unsterilized needles and sexual transmission. What is AIDS? Aids is a disease caused by a virus named HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus). This virus interferes with the ability of the body to fight infections.

Covid Vaccination and Politics: the saga continues

From January 2021 Covid vaccination drive started in India for people above 60. Then onwards Covid vaccination and politics are being co-related and the saga continues.  Recently, Mamata Banerjee, Chief Minister of West Bengal, on Wednesday reported an exceptional immunization drive for moms of kids underneath the age of 12 years on need premise in

Impact of Work From Home on Work and Life 

Work from home is now a new term for millennials. India’s Business, start-up companies, E-commerce is growing beautifully since 2015. India was the third-largest start-up ecosystem. Also, the media company’s growth now has a significant view. Why Work from Home? In 2020, this covid-19 pandemic affected all over everything in the world. Employees and Employers

Third Wave of Covid Surge Likely to Hit in October

As per the Mathematical model found by analysts at IIT Kanpur and IIT Hyderabad, the third wave in India could hit in October. Now average every week 40,000 people are getting infected. They said as people are still unaware about covid, so the wave can get the peak earlier than the prediction time. Research scholars