Nerdle Answer For Today: Find Out

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Have you heard of Nerdle and would like to learn more information about it? Are you looking to find what the Nerdle answer for the 9th of January 2023? Continue reading to learn all you must be aware of.

Nerdle is an arithmetic-based word game that is based on numbers. It is based on the basic concept of the original Wordle and similar principles are used. The game is built on mathematical equations that are simple. Players must figure out the exact math puzzle answer in a time of 6 attempts.


There is a new Nerdle daily to solve. Tips and clues will be provided to help you guess the answer. The game’s creators include: Richard, Imogen Mann, Marcus and Graven

How To Play The Nerdle Game Like A Pro

Visit the official website for the Nerdle game, The game comes with three modes: Mini Nerdle mode where you receive 6 squares of space to fill, the Classic Nerdle eight squares, as well as the Instant Nerdle where every symbol and number are given to help you guess the math answer. You must solve the Nerdle in six attempts or two attempts based on the mode you choose. You have to be able to figure out 5 numbers correctly and include symbols. After you’ve guessed the answer, then click”Submit. If you have guessed correctly the tiles are meant to change color as well.


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Rules Of The Nerdle Game:

There are rules for players who play the Nerdle game, and they are as follows:

The puzzles should be mathematically simple.

Players can use 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 + – * / or =.

It must include one “=”.

These calculations are presented only the “=” type, not any other calculation.

A certain order is applicable to calculate * prior to + and + and

If the solution to this puzzle would be 30+20=50 then the puzzle also permits 20+30=50.


It is important to note that the Nerdle game is constantly updated every day at 12:01 am. The game can be played through the Nerdle official website, Anyone with even a little maths skills can complete these challenges.

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