The Scam is a Scam!

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This deceitful scam targets job seekers by offering false employment opportunities. It is connected to the fraudulent website. Operated by sophisticated fraudsters, the operation uses text messages and phone calls to manipulate victims into accepting false job offers.

This explosive expose will reveal the intricate mechanics behind the employment scam and arm readers with the information they need to combat its danger. We will look at the known stories of victims, provide explicit warnings on their methods and offer direction for protecting yourself if you are unfortunate enough to be caught up in this malicious employment scam. Read on to find out how you can avoid being taken advantage of by these criminals. fake job offers: Overview

Recent reports have revealed a disturbing phenomenon – aggressive outreach through calls and texts by a mysterious entity posing “HR assistant Matilda”, offering extravagant work-from home job opportunities, paying up to $800 a day. These positions are not real and are fakes designed to attract victims in an elaborate employment scheme linked to the bogus website Wen

A complex web of lies awaits anyone who interacts with the Matilda characters and Wen, which is behind these duplicitous offers. Random, unsolicited emails are being sent out from different area codes to recipients all over the United States. They advertise flexible hours and impressive salaries. No prior experience is required.

In reality, these advertisements are outright lies, created by sophisticated scammers who use them to steal money, personal data and identities of victims, under the false pretext of offering job opportunities. No company, corporation or business exists to support these alleged job opportunities. Matilda’s communication and that of the Wen website should be treated as suspicious.


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The scammers have left behind a number of alarming tales:

Sarah from Ohio describes her experience: “I received an offer for a position in customer service that paid $600-$800 daily. They told me I only needed internet access and a laptop. It was a bit far-fetched at first but then became more plausible.

Mark in Florida shares, “I was contacted by a woman named Matilda who told me about a job at home that could pay up to $850 a day. She was friendly, and she made it sound like it was real. But in hindsight, it couldn’t be true.

Julie from Texas: “A woman approached me by phone presenting her as an HR Assistant named Matilda with She offered to pay me $200-500 per day with flexible hours. I almost gave Matilda’s personal information before realizing that it must be a scam.”

These stories are only a small sample of those targeted by criminals using the Wen fake job scam. Their methods rely on social engineering principles, untapped potential offers, and manufactured rapport in order to lure unsuspecting applicants and collect their data. Online research and a little natural skepticism reveal Matilda’s deception and obvious red flags.

Due to high unemployment levels after the economic shocks caused by pandemics, many people are attracted to quick and easy money opportunities. takes advantage of the unfortunate reality that many people are in to make quick and easy money. The manipulation of these people must be exposed and the public warned not to fall for their false employment pitches that paint a picture of an income that is too good to be true.

Scammers use Wen to lure victims into a job scam

In order to attract victims, criminals behind the Wen Job Scam use psychological manipulation and offers of high-paying jobs. The following is a step-by-step guide on how they manipulate people using social engineering:

1. Initial contact through Call or Text

The scam begins when an unknown number calls or texts the victim. The number appears to vary and is probably spoofed. Also, the recipient does not know the scammer. The first message introduces “Matilda” and claims she’s an HR assistant. It teases about the home-based job opportunity.

2. Affecting a false sense of rapport

Matilda’s tone is friendly and conversational, she addresses the recipient personally, compliments their resume, or other background information if it was shared. This creates a rapport between the two people, which helps to build trust and credibility.

3. Daggering the Job Offer

Matilda goes on to describe the job in detail. She boasts of a salary between $200-$800 a day, full remote work and flexibility with part-time hours, or a side gig requiring little effort. The role and the inflated salary attracts attention.

4. Urgency Around Acting Quickly

You will send a message that conveys a sense urgency. It encourages the recipient to take action quickly, by connecting with other channels and sharing personal information. This is to officially begin the hiring process because of the limited number of positions.

5. Data Requests

Matilda asks for sensitive personal information, such as full name, address, social security number, resumes, banking details, etc., from victims, ostensibly to be able to apply or join the team.

6. Information and contact information

After collecting initial data, the scammers use secondary communication channels (email or phone numbers) to conduct more scams and exchange data with victims.

7. Stolen information can be used to your advantage

The scammers use sensitive data to steal identities and make unauthorized purchases, gain access into private accounts, or even sell it on the blackmarket to other criminals.

8. Disappearance Act

A certain point will come when the scammers cut off the contact and leave with the data that they have obtained, before moving on to new victims. There will never be a job.

9. Secondary Scams

Some scammers use the information obtained from victims to launch additional scams. These include fraudulent invoices or phishing sites, as well as demands for access to bank accounts to process fake “paychecks”.

10. Opaque Origins

After a scam, the fraudsters are unable to be traced or followed because of tactics like deceptive domain registrations and number spoofing.

Wen Job scam: Common Questions

1. What is Wen scam?

This scam involves unsolicited phone calls and text messages from “Matilda”, who claims to be a woman offering a work-at-home job with unrealistic salaries between $200-$800 a day. The scam is associated with

2. How does Matilda communicate with potential victims?

Through unsolicited phone calls and text messages from a range of spoofed number. She poses as a HR assistant who pitches remote jobs.

3. What is the tactic Matilda employs on her phony calls/texts?

She uses false rapport to build false trust, she teases outrageous salaries, she plays on the urgency of needing income and then requests personal data in the name of “hiring.”

4. What are the scammers doing with the collected information?

They use stolen personal data to access accounts, make fraud purchases, steal funds and sell data on Dark Web.

5. What are the warning signs of a fake work-from home job offer?

Pay rates that are too good to be true, and requests for personal/banking information upfront.

6. What should I do if contacted by Matilda/

Continue to ignore them. Block their numbers and report them to the authorities. Also, monitor your account closely for any data misuse.

7. How can i recover or protect my self if i already shared information with others?

Contact the banks immediately. Set up fraud alerts. Change account passwords. Sign-up for credit monitoring. Report ID theft.

8. What agencies need to be made aware of this scam?

You can file reports with the FTC and FCC.

9. How can I better spot job scams?

Beware of unsolicited random contacts, do thorough research on companies, ask detailed and specific questions, watch out for urgent requests for information, or a sudden influx.

10. How can I stop from committing job fraud?

To spread awareness, share this information directly with friends and family. Report Matilda to the police if you see her.

The Bottom Line

Wen targets individuals who are vulnerable with attractive job offers that appear to be effortless, but conceal the true intentions of data theft and fraud. Cut off all communication and enact defensive measures if contacted by Matilda/ Be sure to warn others about the false job offers that are being made in order to take advantage of those looking for a better employment situation. By maintaining awareness, and by using safe practices for personal data, we can help protect job-seekers from these deplorable employment scams.

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