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Subhan N reviews. Is legit or scam? Date of last review:

Includes travel guides, holiday destinations, travel recommendations, etc.

Is legit? This website scored lowly, which is why caution should be taken. We tested using 53 powerful factors in order to identify high-risk behavior and assess its safety. Examine it and its eCommerce sector in depth. Learn how to identify and block scam sites and what steps you should take if your money has already been lost.

Comment on how you found this website after reading why we raised an alert.


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The’s business is associated with a popular eCommerce industry, but we have our doubts. We took some content off the website to find out what it says about them. This is the conclusion:

This website is badly designed and lacks elements in its metadata that would enhance its online presence. This results in a loss of credibility and a temporary questionable quality. This information will be updated as soon they improve the back-end.

See the detailed review below and make your own decision.

Reviews of

Validator on the Scam Detector site gives a trust score between low and medium: 48.9. The business is likely to be defined as Doubtful. Medium-Risk. Alert..

We are confident of our score, as we have partnered with other high-tech fraud-prevention companies and found the same problems. Why such a low score? We came up with the 48.9 score based on 53 aggregated factors relevant to’s industry. The algorithm identified potential high-risk behavior related to phishing and spamming as well as other factors listed in the Doubtful. Medium-Risk. Alert. Alert.

This is a warning to you. Now let’s get into detail.

Nearness to potentially harmful Websites

This metric scores the link between marked as suspect and websites on a scale from 1 to 100%. The higher the score, the stronger the link between and these suspicious online destinations. Note that some website owners are not aware of the proximity their site has to these suspect platforms or servers. A score of “Proximity from Suspicious Websites”, which exceeds 80, indicates that the website is high-risk, whereas a score less than 30 indicates it’s not as dangerous.

Risk Factors for Spam, Phishing and Malware

These indicators highlight the vulnerabilities of the HTML code on The indicators become more relevant when the website receives reports from users who have received unsolicited email, ads or messages related the site. As we continue to investigate and try to determine the exact category, we would love your feedback in the comments section.

A high Malware score indicates that there is suspicious code present, which may have been unknowingly distributed. In contrast, a high Spam rating may indicate that an email address connected to the business is spam-ridden. Scores of less than 30 in either category are good, but anything above that threshold should be a cause for concern.

This in-depth review has revealed that may be a suspect site, given the number of risk factors and numbers analyzed. Share your experience with us in the comment section.

Domain Blacklisting Status

This term is used to indicate whether appears on any blacklists or suspicious tags.

HTTPS Connectivity: A Test of the Connection

This section gives you an idea if is using the HTTP protocol with a’s’ in the browser address bar. The tab should be green.

Is a Scam? Share Your Experience

How did this company/page come to your attention? Online ads, suspicious Facebook advertisements, Instagram, email? You can help a lot of people by leaving a comment below. How would you rate this website if it was your first time using it? Please let us know your thoughts by leaving a comment below.

Here are some tips to help you prevent fraud.

Are you the owner or operator of

If you are the owner or operator of we would be delighted to hear from. We are willing to investigate further if this review and score is not accurate. Please be prepared to provide proof that your business exists. Please introduce yourself before posting (not “Admin”, but your name). Consumers are savvy. They are not likely to trust websites without transparency. This includes the location, team or physical existence of the company.

When domain owners contact our Validator to dispute the trust score on their website, we ask that they share the following:

* Specifics from the ecosystem of their business that show they are trustworthy (certificates, business registrations, official records that list the name of a website or business etc. ).

* The business Facebook account and their personal LinkedIn profile.

If you can, please provide proof that the order was cancelled, or screenshots of happy clients. (Not testimonials on the website) ).

Common Questions

Is down?

When we checked last, on March 18, 2020, had been accessible. Accessibility does not always mean the site is open. Please check.

Is scam or legit

The founding date of a website cannot be determined by Whois information, as it cannot be read. It received low ratings. Site may not appear to be legitimate.

When started?

Domain name registered at N/A.

Where does operate?

Due to the fact that we are unable to read whois data, according our records, it is impossible for us see the date of foundation. Please check.

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