Why Lionel Messi has to leave Barcelona?

Rajasree Roy

With tearful eyes, Lionel Messi confirmed on Sunday that he is leaving FC Barcelona, after the club said it could no longer afford to pay the Argentine’s high wages, adding he was in negotiations with French club Paris St Germain over a possible move. Messi was ready to reduce 50% of his salary in this case. 

There was something of a warning when Barcelona- based newspaper daily reported that there was a distinct scenario that signing Messi would not be doable. The club announcement came a couple of hours later, and it pointed the finger straight at the La Liga. La Liga is a Spanish league.

Now, some fans are claiming that’ Messi could have played for Barcelona for free if he ‘loved the club so much.’But according to Millar, Spanish law requires any new contract to be a minimum of 50 percent of a player’s previous wage in a bid to “avoid financial manipulation.” So it would be an illegal condition to play Messi in Barcelona. People who hate Berca, in that case saying Barcelona is a poor club and Messi is a clown of it. Many football lovers broke down with tears after seeing Messi crying. Many people are now deciding to quit watching football. 

Messi is now 34 years old. He became the all-time top goal scorer for Barcelona with 682 goals. He has been playing for Barcelona for a long 21 years. It’s hard to give up like that just for some legal issues. Messi is now broken with this situation. He said, he came to this club when he was 13, now he is leaving this with his wife and three kids. That’s all he can have.

He won 35 trophies during his club career with Barcelona will be showcased with a grand exhibition. Messi thought, he will stay for five years more but many factors didn’t take his side. That wholesome incident is sad for every football lover. There is a rumor that Messi is going to sign a contract with PSG for 2 years.

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