Bates Family Scandal 2023: Find Out More About The Bates Family

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Do you want to learn what you can about Bates Family and the various scandals that surround the family? Are you curious about the reason the reason why the show featuring the Bates family, Bring Up Bates got cancelled? Find this article to learn more.

Bringing Up Bates Cancelation

The reality show Bringing Up Bates will not return because UPtv has cancelled the show that has been running for a long time. The network did not offer reasons why they had to cancel it. However, Bates Family Bates Family followers are not dissatisfied with the decision. Bates family members aren’t sure that UpTV has decided, following a lot of filming, not to continue the next season of the show for reasons of programming. They believe that the shift to the scripted format is something that the network had already in mind. It doesn’t appear to be an issue, considering that the network is allegedly already filming. What exactly was it that prompted UpTV’s decision to end the show that has been running for decades?

A majority of Bates Family followers on Reddit believe that there’s a scandal in the making and Uptv is not looking to be part of the matter.

There’s something wrong. I’m sure someone at UPtv was aware of a scandal breaking, and they were determined to get ahead of the game, just like Oprah has canceled her appearance on Duggar many years ago after she was informed.


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The Bates Family

This Family is a unit comprising 19 children and 19 grandchildren, with Gill Bates as the patriarch of the family. Gill bates is the wife of Kelly Bates and they document their lives as a family in the TV show Bringing Up Bates. The UPtv characters first appeared on TV screens in 2012 for a series titled United Bates of America. The show returned on TV in Bringing up Bates three seasons later, and were in their ninth season by the time they reached March 2020.

In addition to raising Bates the patriarch of the family, Gil Bates, owns the excavation company Bates Tree Service in addition to is the head of his church in the role of the pastor. He and his wife Kelly Jo Bates’ adult children are working on their own and have no debt.


Following the announcement of the news about cancellation that was announced, the Bates family expressed their displeasure in a letter to People. “We realize God’s timing is always perfect, and we are looking forward to what the future holds for our own family, as well as the network!”

Whatever the case whatever it is, we hope that everyone in the Family all the best. There are many fascinating celebrity scandals and lifestyles following them here.

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