Cassette Beasts: Mailbox Codes For August {2023}

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It’s the ‘Mystery Gift’ of Cassette Beasts – it’s Mailbox Codes! We’ll update you as we learn about them and you should bookmark this page when you play.

Cassette Beasts Mailbox Codes

One of the most exciting features to be found in Cassette Beasts is the Mailbox Code system. Just enter a code into the mailbox of Harbourtown and a unique and exciting new beast could be yours to record. It’s a fantastic method of keeping players interested without putting too much stress on limited-time events we’d say and is well worth keeping track of on a regular basis.

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This is exactly the way we’ve gone about it Naturally. Below you’ll find a rotatable list of Mailbox Codes that are known to exist. We’ll continue to provide references to earlier codes So, feel free to try them just in case – maybe some codes are still in use and we didn’t know that! However, for the majority of cases you can only count on those marked as up to date to function as intended.


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Current Cassette Beasts Mailbox Codes

  • Cassette Beasts Bootleg Traffikrab
  • Mailbox Code
  • Gift
  • Description
  • Puppercut Bootleg

It was created to coincide with the massive Version 1.2 Update, this limited-time offer will get you a beautiful Puppercut in a different type and color. We’re not certain the length of time it will last So, get it now!

Recently, some users have had success with expired mailbox codes as shown below. It’s worth trying!


The pupper was offered for a limited time as an Glitter Bootleg. Although it’s unlikely you’ll see one of it on the streets, you should remember that they’re never zero therefore you’re not really locked out!



Although a normal Traffikrab could not be considered useful – especially if low-leveled Traffikrabs are found just outside of town. This one is the Metal Bootleg, Cassette Beasts spins Pokemon’s Shiny types. Therefore, he’s a rare creature.

In his early years, Quinton was ridiculed for creating ranking lists of video games instead of attending to the math class. As an adult, some people make him pay for it. Life is a journey.

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Baldur’s Gate 3 – Image split into three parts: 1. A warlock who is drow waking in the Nautiloid 2. A drow warlock using Eldritch Blast, 3. Image of Wyll as he creates his character introduction 1.

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Split photos of Lingering Will from Kingdom Hearts 2, Ethereal Queen in Valkyrie Profile, and Red from Pokemon. 1

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One of the early quests for Palia will require you to locate the broken key to Jina. Here’s how you can finish the quest.

Jina Broken key Quest

Broken Key: The Broken Key quest can be an annoyance in Palia as it doesn’t provide the exact steps you’re supposed to do. It’s actually very easy that you simply have to mine any rock in any location on the map, including the area of Bahari Bay. It doesn’t have to be an ore rock such as iron or copper. Basically, any rock can be mined.

When we were given the task, we ran to the closest rock, and mined it. we were able to get The Broken Key from the very first rock. However, you may need to mine some additional rocks before getting your key to drop.

The Broken Key Quest

This quest is offered by Jina at the beginning of the story.

She’ll let you know about an unusual door she’s found which requires keys to open and it’s “lying around somewhere.” This is all you’ll receive – but don’t fret, explore the rocks until the key is gone.

As we said earlier it doesn’t matter what the rock’s name is or the place it’s situated. We found an area in Bahari Bay and got a key to drop it on the first attempt.

Once you’ve found the key, you’ll be able to go back to Jina and finish the quest.

There are instances in which this quest was glitched – or, at least that’s what was reported on the Palia Discord server. The game is in beta that means issues like this could happen.

The best solution is to start your game again or go to the plot you have at home. After you’ve completed this you can try mining another rock to obtain your Broken Key to drop.

If you encounter further difficulties regarding your quest we suggest going to our Palia Discord server and reporting your issue.

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