Vasser’s Mini-Mart Receives Flurry of Negative Reviews After Alabama Fight

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Vasser’s Mini-Mart located in Montgomery, Alabama, is being hit with a number of bad reviews following the fact that an individual believed to be the owner of the business was accused of being involved in a brawl during the weekend.

Videos have been circulated via social media that show an Black dock worker being beaten by White men at the Montgomery Riverfront Park on Saturday evening.

The incident happened when a pontoon vessel blocked an area where the city’s attraction, the Harriott II Riverboat was parked.


Chase Shipman, the owner of Vasser’s Mini-Mart in Selma, Alabama according to a report from The Selma Times-Journal, has been identified by some on the internet as one of the people who were involved in the fight. Newsweek has been unable to confirm these claims.

The Montgomery Police Department has not yet released the names of those who were arrested, detained or involved in the investigation but. Newsweek has reached out to officials from the Montgomery Police Department via email to inquire about their response.

Vasser’s Mini Mart

A picture of the Vasser’s Mini-Mart from Google maps. The company has been hit with several bad reviews from Yelp due to the fact that its alleged manager Chase Shipman was allegedly involved in a fight with Montgomery on the weekend.


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After the brawl that ensued, the business of Shipman’s Convenience Store has been hit with a flood of complaints on the review sites like Yelp. As of now, there are more than 300 negative reviews. The overwhelming majority being one-star.


Newsweek has contacted Vasser’s Mini-Mart but was not reached for clarification.

Additionally photos of posts that are believed to be from Shipman who wrote on Vasser’s Mini Mart Facebook page, are now being circulated via social media.

Newsweek is unable to independently verify these posts however, as their Vasser’s Mini Mart Facebook page is currently inaccessible.

The person who made the post on the business’s page, claimed the business “do not condone what happened” and stated “I tried to stop it and realized that I could not, so I tried to get away.”

Certain members of social media have expressed issue with Shipman’s supposed remarks and his interpretation of events. They also took to scathingly assessing his company on Yelp.

A large portion of the reviews that are negative on Yelp claim that, contrary to Shipman’s supposed memory of things, he was in fact the perpetrator of the violence, not an innocent victim.

A few of the reviews seemed to suggest that they’d consumed food at the convenience store, and were served poor food or service. Other posts focused on the Montgomery battle.

“I gave a star cause I had to. Otherwise, I would’ve negative stars. The food? Nausea-inducing. The service? If you enjoy being called racial slurs, go here. The ambiance? Nooses and confederate flags aren’t welcoming,” Yelp reviewer Andre B. wrote on the 6th of August.

“Not spending a dime in this establishment for fear of being hung by Chase Shipman and his Klan of brothers!” Daxx C. wrote as they posted images of people who were detained on the pier following the incident, as well as other photos of the Facebook page of a man named Chase Shipman.

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